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How We Got Started

A little bit about us - we are a family of four with a young boy and toddler who have been brought up around the chaos of puppies and dogs. I have always had dogs in my family, and we first started with Border Collies. This was when I was growing up on a small holding in Devon. Collies were perfect for this environment; however, as we moved to Hampshire and became keen on growing our family, it was a Golden Retriever that I really wanted as our family pet. I love Golden Retrievers, but a little concerned about their health issues and moulting associated with the breed. Fortunately, I stumbled across the amazing crossbreed of Miniature Poodle and Golden Retriever - lovely soft nature, and no moulting!!

Bertie was our first Miniature Goldendoodle and he is the epitome of the breed with his attributes; he is soft, playful, loving and the most obedient boy. Bertie is not only our family pet but he is used as a stud dog for other bitches, and has a proven record of producing wonderful puppies. Binkie is our second purchase of a Miniature Goldendoodle and she is definitely the leader of the pack - the boss in our house!

Binkie loves cuddles and again is a loving, obedient dog. She has a desire for seeing birds off out of the garden and is very good at keeping guard.

Our youngest is Bonnie. She is a gorgeous little thing, very mischievous and full of character. You can usually find her perched on the corner of our sofa!

So where did it all start? Well, it all started after having our first baby, and spending a large amount of time at home with our lovely dogs - this made me want more! It was also said to me on numerous occasions that Binkie and Bertie would make lovely pups .... with many friends asking for a puppy if we ever bred with them .... so we did!

We do not breed dogs full time; this is purely my hobby.

As a family we became hooked on how wonderful these dogs are and now we want to spread the joy to others!

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